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      Gary Dean

      this is a very rough schematic of processes for igniting discourse, in this case, around what we are calling ‘dharma’.

      there are two main sections: the ‘seed’ discourse, and the ‘wild’ discourse.

      getting people to define in their words their own personal dharma is the first important part of this discourse-triggering process.  these dharmas can then be examined, both algorithmically and with human reasoning, to elucidate broad heuristics (patterns of data).  hopefully, it will be possible to give most of these heuristics snappy, broad and generic titles.  these titles — and there should be as few as possible — can form the basis for the important process of structuralisation of the data, turning data into structured information.

      once sufficient personal dharmas have been collected, a structured database can be assembled.   this database would serve as a ‘seeding’ discourse for the much larger project of creating a public database, which could be accessible through many different presentation layers.

      we have already discussed many options for presentations layers, and these can be many and varied, not only web-based.  all of these layers need data to operate, and semi-canonical data structures to enable data exchange between these presentation layers.

      creating dharmic discourse

      i hope this is not too arcane.  i thought it important to try an illustrate my thinking about creation and propagation of dharmic discourses though on the latter this will require explanations of various network layers, which i may do some other time.


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