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      Following Gary’s lead and our discussion yesterday  I have tried to put together what I think my dharma is. Unlike Gary I am unable to list words, with or without a structure, without defining for myself what my dharma means. So I have tried to define as loosely as I can what dharma means to me. This inevitably led to an outline structure and by implication a very basic level of explanation.

      I have no name for my dharma


      My dharma

      …is how I strive to act based on stuff I have confidence in and that helps me make sense of existence.

      Actions to undertake

      • overcome reactivity
      • respond creatively
      • act creatively
      • act ethically
      • act authentically
      • draw mindfully
      • listen attentively
      • pay attention
      • learn
      • understand

      Qualities to cultivate

      • radical questioning (of)
        • consciousness
        • being in the world
        • free will, determinism
        • language
      • robust equanimity
      • generosity
      • friendship
      • humility
      • compassion
      • empathy
      • fairness
      • justice
      • authenticity
      • insight
      • awareness

      Judgments: processes for assessing truth and offering insight

      • science
      • materialism
      • evolutionary psychology
      • creativity
      • reductionism
      • rationalism
      • logic

      Judgments: likely truths

      • general relativity/quantum mechanics/entropy
      • impermanence
      • non-self
      • causality
      • evolution

      Inspirations and guidance

      • life
      • trees
      • technology
      • engineering
      • philosophy
      • human progress
      • great art
      • great films
      • the Cosmos
      • the Enlightenment
      • the Renaissance
      • the Holocaust
      • death
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      Gary Dean


      one thing that popped out for me was your title ‘Judgments’.  for my own dharma, i thought about having a pre-section called ‘Assumptions’, with similar elements to what you have mentioned, which would outline my fundamental internalised beliefs about the physical realm and life.

      your ‘Inspirations’ section seems to be those elements of life that give you joy and motivation. (except maybe for death 😉 )

      what role does your contemplative practice play in your dharma?


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      Judgments are for me those things I have confidence in being ‘true’. As you say this would normally be what I believe in but i like the way Brian Greene says he gets round the ‘ believing in science is no different from believing in religion’ argument (this is an argument I have found myself in a few times) by saying he has confidence in science revealing the true nature of things. True is also obviously problematic but language is a crude tool.

      Inspirations are those things that for me provide some guidance. Yes joy and inspiration but perhaps more generally, insight.

      I suppose i am most taken by Stephen’s idea of practice being integrated into life. I first came across this in Thic Nhat Hanh’s the miracle of mindfulness. Following Stephen’s lead, creative practice, which for me at the moment is mainly through drawing, is the practice which brings into focus questioning and, very occasionally, moments of clarity.

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      Gary Dean

      @rupert, This is a word-frequency cloud-salad based on your two posts above:


      This is the word frequency for my post above, plus the my own ‘my dharma’ posting:

      Gary's dharma word frequency


      and here’s our combined word frequency cloud:

      combined mydharma word frequency




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      following your lead again – this is taking the key words from our combined dharma (wheels?) to make a space around which we discuss.

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      Gary Dean

      if we can overlay a lot of dharmas, it could produce some interesting results. it could give pointers to structure.


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