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      Gary Dean
      my dharma

      this is what i think my dharma looks like at this moment in time (2020-04-20).

      it is not structured in any particular manner, and not explained, but rather are just some of the important subheadings that come to mind when i think about my own dharma.
      or it could be the ramblings of an old space hippie from the delta-9 nebula, who has the temerity to define a dharma.

      at the moment, i am calling this dharma “an awakened compassionate wisdom“.
      which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

      the rough elements of my dharma are as follows:

      • impermanence
        • entropy
        • evolution
          • human biological evolution
            • human cultural evolution
              • human technological evolution
        • movement
          • string theory
        • trajectories
      • pause, wait, assess
      • conditional-situational awareness
      • calm, non-reactive
        • patience with the distressed and reactive
      • appropriate compassionate responses
        • appropriate scopes of compassion
      • interconnectedness
        • id, dyads, groups, subgroups, supergroups
        • networks
        • lead when needed; follow or support when needed
      • solitude
        • contemplation
        • meditation
        • the search for stasis
      • insight
        • experiential insights
        • a multitude of small enlightenments
      • creativity
        • my life as art
        • discover new questions
        • systems design
        • legacy
      • actions


      every one of these elements requires much longer explanation. but i shall leave it like this for the moment, a bare structure of reminder points to which i may return. i could change my mind about some of these elements over a time, but for the moment, these feel the most consistent.

      of course, it should not be inferred that i always actually succeed in the application of my professed dharma.

      • does this help anyone? not sure. maybe it will.
      • does it help me? yes, i think so. but we shall see.
      • how did i get here? what are the frameworks and provenances i used and perhaps internalised in reaching this dharma?
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